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Originally Posted by 91emeraldnotch View Post
you should really just ditch the fmu and go with a bigger set of injectors and get it tuned. i know people say its a pain to tune speed density vehicles but it can be done. that why people like frank@ PSI get paid the money they do!!

now the best thing to do would to convert to maf and get the trans controller, but again thats a huge investment, and you would still need to get it tuned.
Ditto as Ken said the easiest way would be a mass air swap , or pay a tuner to load the eec with the flow charts for at least 42 lb injectors....wait dont they come with 42 lb'ers? hmmn well if ya want the cheapest control kit ive seen is the baumann shift control or try contacting my buddy Pat the owner of level10 transmissions in NJ he may have a cheaper solution for ya then a controller or settle for what ya got
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